Benefits of Chess

* It has been scientifically proven to be an effective educational tool which has demonstrated positive impact on academic performance, develops mental abilities through out the life and strengthens emotional intelligence

* Chess is a game of imagination and strategy, one that provides rules, order and opportunities forintellectual growth, and also teaches a skills that can be applied too the raspects of life.

Chess provides lots of human’s self-improvement such as…
* Memory
* Self-Esteem
* Concentration
* Planning Ahead
* Logical Reasoning
* Problem Solving
* Critical Thinking
* Pattern Recognition
* Decision Making
* Intellectual Maturity
* Visualization
* Social Skills
* Responsibility
* Academic Development and lots more!!

1st Chess School of Thailand and the only Chess School that was accredited by the Ministry of Education
* IWICA Chess School is a FIDE-Accredited Chess School, only one in Thailand and part of a small group of Elite Chess Schools around the World.

* Currently, operating 6 Centers and conducting programs to over 24 International Schools around Thailand.